Miss qfarm command?

After upgrade to 7.x, the famous qfarm command gone.

Qfarm was a nice tool to check health and load on all farm XenApp servers:

In 7.x server load is replaced with loadindex. Default Citrix loadindex only check number of users. I will recommend to also set this citrix policy:

To check loadindex, it can be done in Studio, Director and with PowerShell.


  1. Add new columns with Load Index
  2. Last columns will now show the load as you normal see in qfarm.


After login, choose Trends i top bar and then Load Evaluator Index


Add function inside a PS module that will load automatically and qfarm command is back 🙂

function qfarm
    if(!(Get-PSSnapin | Where-Object {$_.name -Like '*citrix*'}))
        Add-PSSnapin citrix*
    Get-BrokerMachine -AdminAddress servername.domain.local  –SessionSupport MultiSession –Property ‘HostedMachineName’,’LoadIndex’,’SessionCount’, 'InMaintenanceMode'


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