Finally CCU in Citrix Cloud

Today Citrix announced that Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service in Citrix Cloud is now available for purchase under a Concurrent licensing model.

Almost all installation i have done on-prem use CCU license model. Citrix Cloud only had pr. user/device license in cloud was a big drawback. With CCU in place many more customer can go over to Citrix cloud. With same license model and with new feature from the Cloud, I think this can be a point where Citrix Cloud could take over the share for on-prem and maybe be the biggest product for Citrix in 2020?

With this change, license and all feature are in place and its now time to take a deeper look into the Citrix Cloud. Not sure how Citrix will handle convert from On-prem CCU to Cloud CCU, since this was released today but I think it will come more info within the next weeks.

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