Change in MAS License assignment

After last updates to MAS, system license assignment has changed. In first release of MAS, the limit will hit when you add number 30 LB/CS/VPN etc.

NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NetScaler MAS) requires a verified NetScaler MAS license to manage and monitor the Citrix NetScaler instances.

You can manage and monitor any number of instances and entities without a license. However, you can only manage 30 discovered applications on the App Dashboard and view analytics data for only 30 virtual servers without applying a license. To manage more than 30 discovered applications or to view analytics for more than 30 virtual servers, you must purchase and apply licenses.

Now the MAS automatic select LB/CS/VPN and use all 30 slots after the Netscaler is added. If you have Netscalers with any LBs and only want to monitor few you need to change this setting:

After this setting is changed, you can then manual select witch LB/CS/VPN you want to add:

For more information around MAS click here

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