Best practice – upgrade Netscaler

Has earlier created a video that show upgrade of Netscaler from 11.0 to 11.1. This guide is same for all type of Netscaler instance. (SDX instance, MPX or VPX)

Recommended step when you have a HA-pair:

  1. Take backup of NS config
  2. Start with passive node and upgrade
  3. After reboot, check that passive node works as expected
  4. Do a controlled failover and test ALL function
  5. When test is good, upgrade last instance
  6. Do failover again to test both instance
  7. Upgrade is finish

If you need to do this manual and not truth GUI:

    1. Run the following command to change to the default installation directory:
      cd /var/nsinstall
    2. Run the following command to create a temporary subdirectory of the nsinstall directory:
      mkdir x.xnsinstall
      Note: The text x.x is used to name the NetScaler version for future configurations.  For example, the directory for the installation files of NetScaler 11.1 will be called 11.1nsinstall.
    3.  Change to the x.xnsinstall directory:
      cd /var/x.xnsinstall
    4. Download the required installation package, such as “ns-x.0-xx.x-doc.tgz”, to the temporary directory created in Step 2
    5. Before you run the install script, the files must be extracted and placed on the appliance. Use the following command to uncompressing the bundle downloaded from Citrix website.
      tar -zxvf build-xx.x-xx.xx_nc.tgz
    6. Run the following command to install the downloaded software:
      Note: If the appliance does not have sufficient disk space to install the new kernel files, the installation process performs an automatic clean-up of the flash drive.
    7. After the installation process is complete, the process prompts to restart the appliance. Press y to restart the appliance.

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