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WEM Hydration Kit

Citrix WEM (Workspace Environment Management) is absolute an software that everyone should look into. To get WEM to work perfect and give you and the users an effect, use of template will help you alot. Citrix include Default Recommended Settings. To get a flying start on the application and tuning, James Kindon at WEM Hydration Kit has a …

Unbind Service from Service Group in NetScaler not work

Error: “No Such Server”- Unbind Service from Service Group in NetScaler Unbinding a service from the Service Group in the NetScaler GUI is not working. Error message is “No Such Server” . Secondly Unbinding it through command line is working. Solution: This is a known issue.The above issue would be fixed in 12.0.58+ version. Check this …

How to Reset StoreFront to the Initial Factory Settings

Last week i got some problem with a Storefront server and wanted to reset back to start. Found this brilliant article from Citrix that I want to share with you: Open a PowerShell command prompt as an Administrator and type   asnp Citrix*    This loads the Citrix PowerShell modules. Ensure that the StoreFront Management console is closed. From the …

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I have extensive experience with Citrix products, as well as peripheral solutions and knows versions from 5.0 up to today (7.x) special well. I have very good expertise in the design and setup of Citrix Netscaler for use in application delivery.

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